Bespoke Organic skin care facial- The Cornish Artisan


Natural anti- ageing skin care-suitable for all skin types

Our bespoke Cornish Artisan facial features our handcrafted organic skin care balms. The powerful and deliciously scented plant ingredients nourish and soothe your skin naturally boosting skin vitality and improving texture, leaving your skin feeling like velvet and glowing with radiance.

What to expect during your treatment time

We are confident that when you choose to book one of our Facials it will be an experience you will want to repeat! On arrival you will be welcomed by Emma ( The Cornish Artisan) and offered a delicious wellbeing herbal tea to compliment your treatment. Take time to sip and enjoy your tea whilst completing your consultation. Our one-to-one consultaton is to ascertain individual needs and the selection of essential oils, personally chosen by you through our ‘aromatherapy smell test’ to support those needs. Once consultation is completed and you are comfortably settled on the treatment couch, snuggled warmly under the covers then we begin. During our facial your skin will be gently deep cleansed with one of our organic natural skin care balms, followed by delicate exfoliation with flower petals and hot cloth removal. Expect to drift into deep relaxation as your massage begins, incorporating basalt hot stones and healing smooth quartz crystals, The heat from the stones improving circulation and deeply relaxing the muscles as they are glided in a therapeutic, hypnotic sequence over the face neck and shoulders, preparing you for the next stage of hands on massage and gentle holding, both beneficial in helping to calm and restore the nervous system, allowing you to connect to and deepen your breath. Your treatment continues as the tension in your neck and head is gently released with our clearing and releasing aroma- acupressure head massage. Feeling free of tension and tightness your massage is continued down your arms and into your hands completing with gentle holding of your hara and solar plexus area (tummy) with the stillness of Reiki healing and followed by an aroma hot towel application to face and neck. Your treatment completes with nourishing and soothing balm gently patted into your refreshed and cleansed skin before being left to awaken and ground with a glass of water.


Gift Ideas this Valentines

Our Facial treatment is a holistic, therapeutic treatment which is massage orientated created by Emma to help bring us gently back into alignment and balance with our true self, incorpotating mind, body and spirit connection and truly leaving us feeling whole, nourished and soothed, smelling divine and skin glowing with vitality.

Our treament consists of an hour of pure bliss but please do allow an extra 15 mins for consultation and resting/ dressing time after your treatment. The Cornish Artisan Bespoke Facial featured above is £50 or can be offered as a Mini Facial for half an hour of bliss for £30. Make your gift extra special and add a 60ml Nourish or Soothe Balm for £20.