The Cornish Artisan's Wellness Guide 2019

A four step guide to a more mindful way of living.


Forget the endless lists of New Years Resolutions, why not begin the year with some helpful techniques and activities to improve how you feel on a daily basis. I always look at the New Year as an exciting opportunity to let go of the old and welcome the new - this month I am taking you on a four step wellness journey. Enjoy!


Awareness means slowing down, connecting to your breath and allowing yourself space to connect with your internal communications. To encourage personal awareness there are any number of techniques to use but my personal favourite at the moment is a tea ritual which involves taking time for yourself and connecting with yourself in the present moment. The Cornish Artisan ‘Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Blends’ are available to buy below, you can read more about my tea rituals here.


Being aware of how we breathe helps us to become aware of how we live. It’s often easy to forget the power of our breath, so here I am reminding you to take a few minutes to enjoy some slow, deep breaths and feel your body relax. Some important things to think about during this exercise is how your breath feels within your body, is it shallow, and rapid or slow and steady ? I recommend setting a regular time in your day to take 2-5 minutes just focused on your breath. Breathing techniques are something I cover in more detail within my mindful and meditation course. You can sign up or get more information below.


Become aware of what you’re thinking right now, is the thought negative or positive? Once you become aware of your thoughts you give yourself the power to change the thought there and then, replace it with the positive version. Remember, it is JUST a thought and thoughts CAN be CHANGED! Our thoughts have an energy behind them which dictates how we feel. Thoughts that have stemmed from fear, such as anger, frustration, resentment,guilt, shame and envy have an intense but low vibration to them which means when you experience thoughts of this nature on a regular basis they create low feelings like anxiety, depression, mental and physical illness. Thoughts that have stemmed from Love hold a high vibration and make you feel good, the more positive thoughts we have the better we feel. Again ask yourself right now -Is this thought rooted in fear or love?- Does it feel negative or positive? Read more about mindful thinking in the blog post below.


Our body is continually communicating to us of its needs. We all live such a fast-paced, busy life now, we often don’t give ourselves the space to hear what our body is communicating to us. A headache or backache can be passed off as a normal part of our stressful day and so we simply continue our routine. Physical symptoms are our bodies way of expressing an inbalance or disharmony. The exercise I am going to share with you next will help you to realise your body is on your side, and that taking care of these everyday ailments is vital for your longterm wellness. Beginning with your feet, tighten the muscles of both feet and hold for a few seconds then release; work your way up throughout the whole body, taking note of where you are holding tension and/or pain. Once you are aware of where you are holding your tension you will then have the power to change how you feel. Consciously trying to relax those areas through your breath is an empowering way of releasing any tension.

If you want to know more about how to take control of your own wellness, sign up to my four week meditation and mindfulness course to get started.