Read what our customers say about our 100% natural wellbeing range of loose leaf herbal teas & botanical skincare handcrafted in Cornwall.

Nourish Balm testimonials

After using Nourish Balm on my son’s face for two days – the redness has gone, it’s really helping. Thanks!
— Vicky
I have had some eczema on my feet for two years and after just four applications of Nourish Balm it looks so much better. I have tried so many products before with no effect!
— Charly
I suffer with eczema on my hands and legs as well as chapped lips from the cold weather. Nourish Balm is fantastic stuff. I have repaced my medicated cream with this balm, it works better, smells lovely and really calms the soreness and cracking of my eczema. After three days use, the cracks have gone and my skin looks and feels normal again. I am so pleased!
— Tabz

Soothe Balm testimonials

Love using Soothe Balm! It is so gentle, soothes my sensitive skin, mild fragrance, travels and keeps well in hot climates, and great during my early stages of pregnancy and best of all it is locally made with love!
— Susie Partridge
As a hairdresser I knew the ingredients in Nourish Balm would all be excellent for dry, dull hair. I am so pleased with all the products and treatments I have recieved from Emma. I have been shown natural ways to support and heal my body, this is a miracle for me. Emma is true healer in every sense and I wouldn’t go to anyone else.
— Tabitha
Nourish Balm is the only cream I use on my skin, no soap, no extra cleanser or toner, just this one pot. It smells wonderful, makes my skin so soft and by following Emma’s daily facial routine I feel relaxed afterwards.
— Leanda Daddow
I can recommend Emma’s Nourish Balm, I use it daily, it’s wonderful!
— Louise Berry

Restorative Tea testimonials

Thank you for my Restorative Tea. I bought a glass teapot, like the one you have. I am getting endless comfort from drinking your gorgeous blend – I keep the pot beside me on difficult days. It feels like going home and think of you both everytime.
— Lucy
You can really taste this tea has been made with love. It’s delicate and pure but strong enough to use the same steeping a couplreof times. A lovely warming drink that is exactly as described “Restorative tea” – thank you!
— Jess
I am obsessed with the Restorative tea, it is such a beautiful blend of flavours and is so refreshing. I am trying to cut down on my caffeine intake and Restorative tea is certainly helping. I just love it!
— Joey Hulin

Super Spice Tea testimonials

I tried Super spice tea on Emma’s recommendations. I was experiencing facial nerve and dental pain which I had been suffering with for a year. The tea tasted amazing and had a positive effect on the pain, easing the inflammation and intensity. This tea has a unique taste, it’s amazing, I call it my miracle tea! I enjoy every evening with a spoon of honey and milk.
— Tabz

Super Soothe Tea testimonials

Super Soothe Tea
I loved the Super Soothe tea, both the smell and the taste of it. I enjoyed relaxing over a couple of cups every evening after a hard day’s work. It is so easy to make and genuinely made me relax and helped soothe my throat. I will definately drink this tea regularly.
— Laura
Super Soothe tea offers a refreshing scent so that even whilst it steeps, I felt relaxed as the scent filled the air. It is an instant relaxer for me. I feel my shoulders relax as I drink my tea. I sleep so much better on the night that I have drunk this tea. I have also not had to take medication to relax and prevent migraines in over 3 weeks. This tea is also excellent enjoyed chilled in this hot weather.
— Leanda
Amazing product! I lead a busy life, especially this time of year. I don’t sleep particularly well and when I wake, I am usually awake for 1-2 hours. Since drinking this Super Soothe Tea I have either slept right through or fallen back to sleep if I wake. On the nights I have not been able to drink this tea my usual poor sleep has returned.
— Sam
I really enjoyed this Super Soothe Tea. I am not normally keen on chamomile but this combination of ingredients work so well, resulting in a great flavour. I used this tea to help with exam preparation, it had a grounding and calming influence, plus I had a restorative sleep. Wouls highly recommend for periods of added stress, nervousness or anxiety. Thanks Emma, a beautiful tea!
— Leonie
I enjoyed Super Soothe Tea hot and cold. I enjoyed it’s aroma and adding fresh mint to it. I didn’t notice any particular benefits personally, however, I don’t usually from teas. I would buy this tea to keep in the cupboard or recommend/buy as a gift for a friend.
— Emma
Total Tea Convert! This Super Soothe Tea does exactly what I imagined/hoped it would. By half way through the first cup I could feel my anxiety subside, almost as if the pressure was being released in my head. My mind slowed and I purposefully carried on with my day. Great way to start and end my day. I also had a cup when I started to feel the need to calm my mind.
— Stacey
I suffer with anxiety and depression. I wanted to try something to ease symptoms. I liked the ritual of making tea and time for me. Super Soothe Tea tastes great and I feel good from it.
— Karen
This tea was truely soothing, fresh and clean feeling whilst I drank it. Taking time out of my busy day to relax in the garden whilst drinking this tea was a real joy. The aroma of the tea was so inviting and delicious to drink cold also on a hot day. I would, without a doubt have this tea again, a truely beautiful experience.
— Helen
I found the Super Soothe tea to have a calming effect on my day. On the days I didn’t drink it, I found myself more stressed by life’s ‘bumps’. This tea tastes lovely and I enjoy the ritual of having a pot ‘on the go’ all day. Would definately recommend and will be trying some other blends too!
— Clare Marsh
I entered the tea trial with an open mind and if I am honest wasn’t expecting to feel any different. I drank the tea randomly due to shift work, but always on an evening. I found the taste of this tea very calming and the lemon balm really shines through. It is easy to make and fit into a daily routine. I found the this tea has enabled me to totally relax on an evening and has helped me to sleep better throughout the night. I would highly recommend this tea and the tea ritual meditation, taking the time really is beneficial. I enjoyed this tea cold too, tastes good!
— Karen
I very much enjoyed the taste of this blend. Having tried other teas which are supposed to help with sleep, this is by far the best as the flavours are very subtle.
— Cheryl Truscott

Fortifying Tea testimonials

Fortifying Tea
Fortifying Tea has a lovely flavour and made me drink less black tea. I felt more relaxed and less tired and my skin seemed clearer whilst drinking it.
— Kim- Marie Cothier
A light refreshing thirst quenching tea, excellent for that wind down moment.
— Rob Downes
What I liked about this cuppa was that it was different. The liquorice and peppermint didn’t over power the taste of the wholw blend as in other herbal teas and yet I could still benefit from their medicinal impact eg. great for stomach and digestion. A great blend which drunk over the long term I am sure will have huge health impact for many.
— Nicole Mitchell