Restorative Tea

Restorative Tea

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Restorative Tea is a beautiful balance of organic herbs, earthy Nettle,delicate rich sweetness of Liquorice and fresh zingy Peppermint. Naturally caffeine free, this tea will lift your spirits, restore and rebalance with just one cup.

Our herbal teas can be steeped up to 3 times!

50g = 45 cups of Restorative Tea

100g = 90 cups of Restorative Tea

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You can really taste this tea has been made with love, It’s delicate and pure but strong enough to use the same steaping a couple of times. A lovely warming drink that is exactly as described ‘’restorative tea’’ Thank you!
— Jess


Nettle Peppermint and Liquorice herbs are all packed full of vitamins, minerals and other active botanical ingredients that have long been used to support our body's healthy function, however, if you are suffering from liver, kidney or heart disease or if you are pregnant then this tea is not recommended for you due to its liquorice content. It is also not to be over consumed, balance is the key to all elements of life!

To make the perfect cup of Restorative tea I recommend 2-3 tsps into a tea pot, add freshly boiled water (not boiling) and allow to steep and infuse for 5-10 mins, the longer you infuse the stronger the flavour. Once you have enjoyed your first pot of tea please just top up with more freshly boiled water. For further pots of tea just add more freshly boiled water. Our herbs will still be active and give flavour. We recommend up to 3 steeps, after this your herbs are ready for the compost.

Ingredients: Organic Nettle, Peppermint and Liquorice Root

Tea pouch is biodegradable or refillable if you are local.