Winter warming Super Spice Tea

What are the benefits of drinking Super Spice Tea?

  • ‘Super Spices’ are just that! Revered for their health and wellbeing benefits since ancient times.

  • Our ‘Super Spice’ ingredients contain active botanicals that have a natural anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, carminative and stimulating action.

  • Supporting our natural immunity.

  • Regulating, soothing and calming digestion.

  • Moving and warming the circulation.

  • Natural pain relieving action.

  • A rich source of vitamin C and minerals manganese, potash, magnesium, iron and phosphate.

  • Natural anti-histamine.

  • Hydrating and naturally Caffeine Free.

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The Cornish Artisan Local Stockists

We are utterly delighted to announce all the fabulous small independent businesses that we are working with. To me it always feels like creating a new friendship with like minded people who are committed to making a difference and supporting one another and our Cornish economy.

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Bespoke Organic skin care facial- The Cornish Artisan

During our facial your skin will be gently deep cleansed with one of our organic natural skin care balms, followed by delicate exfoliation with flower petals and hot cloth removal. Expect to drift into deep relaxation as your massage begins, incorporating basalt hot stones and healing smooth quartz crystals,

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