Where we Began to Grow

It all began in my teanage years before I did any training. I loved to gather natural ingredients and essential oils and blend them up together to make products to use on my own skin. I dreamed of one day creating a range of products to sell. The seeds were planted way back then for the foundations of my skin care balms. Over the years those little seeds have flourished with curious experimentation and my ever increasing love and delight for plants; their healing benefits & their utterly divine scents. Now with years of knowledge, experience & the careful cultivation of my skills – those little seeds have emerged fully fledged into the light and have become my realised dream.

Art is another love of mine – I feel utter joy to marry my two passions together in the creation of my range of products. I like to create with colour in mixed media. I have found abstract art is a way of letting go & freely expressing myself. My real joy is to reflect my experiences in nature through the process of painting. Combined with meditation I create a piece of art work for each product which then becomes my packaging, portraying the wellbeing properties of each product.


About Rebecca-Emma – the Creator, Founder & Artist

With experience spanning over 25 years specialising in aromatherapy, herbal medicine, Bach flower therapy and natural skin care, Rebecca-Emma has combined her knowledge and expertise to create and deliver a range of organic, ethical & sustainable luxury products and therapies to support our wellbeing – encouraging self care without the environmental costs.

Founded here in the beautiful, vibrant and energetic wilds of rugged North Cornwall, ‘The Cornish Artisan’, a name that along with my own embraced and reflected my creativity, my artistic nature, my birth & spiritual home and, my love of plant medicine. I feel that Cornwall is a sanctuary, a place where people come to heal and enjoy life, connect to the earth, the sea and all of nature. A place where we can truly find our creative selves.

Plants have the amazing ability to help us to feel good in so many ways. Of course we all know that without plants we would not even be here on this beautiful planet. I have used plants daily in the form of self care and natural medicine most of my adult life. Plants have supported me and my family through some very challenging and difficult times, flower essences, essential oils and herbal teas are our go to medicines to support the whole family. I have experienced profound personal healing with the support of plants and witnessed the miraculous healing of many of my clients over the years from the regular implementation of self care routines and plant therapy. So to me it makes total sense to use plants on a daily basis to help us to feel good, help us to cope with the demands of a busy life, and help us to remain grounded in amidst of all the chaos. This has been the inspiration behind my range of herbal teas and natural skin care, so you too can experience the healing benefits of plants. Helping you to feel good naturally.


Dermalogica Award

Muddy Stiletoes award ‘Best Complementary Therapy Centre in Cornwall 2016’


Experience that has spanned over 25 years with qualifications & training in: Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Beauty Therapy, Flower Essence therapy, baby massage instruction, Herbal medicine, Reiki & Meditation.

Champneys trained

Decleor, Rene Guinot, Dermalogica, Espa, Spiezia trained

The College of Naturopathic Medicine London trained

Thank you for my tea. I am getting endless comfort from drinking your gorgeous blend. I keep the tea pot beside me on difficult days. It feels like going home.
— Lucy