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Organic loose leaf herbal teas & natural botanical skincare created by Rebecca-Emma Whistance, award winning therapist on the North coast of Cornwall

Natural Ingredients

We only use organic ingredients chosen for their wellbeing properties. Free from chemical and synthetics, no parabens, fragrance & sls’s, mineral & palm oil. Our 100% pure natural ingredients work in harmony with our skin, mind, body & spirit. Our herbs and spices have the soil association seal of approval ensuring the finest quality & standard of production.

Wellbeing Properties

Harnessing the active botanical constituents within each plant ingredient including flavanoids, sterols, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and volatile oils, all of which support our healthy function & aid wellbeing. Each batch of products is infused with Reiki – the high frequency energy of love.

Ethically Sourced

We choose organic to protect our eco-system. Our skincare raw ingredients and essential oils are always from sustainable sources and suppliers who reflect our ethos and values regarding the environment & fair trade. We use Fair Wild ingredients where possible. Our products & our ingredients are cruelty free. We create our range mindfully & responsibly every step of the way. We aim to minimise our impact by re-filling, re-using, and recycling.