Business support in Cornwall for start-up businesses

Here in Cornwall we have a plethera of innovative, creative and inspiring businesses. In a nutshell, Cornwall has a lot to offer.

I was lucky enough to have been introduced to a business coach this spring who freely gave two hours of his time to talk through my business concept and ideas. He listened tentatively and asked me questions to gain a full understanding of me and my business and where he could then offer the support I needed to move my business forward. Will Cairley is part of the unlocking potential team of coaches here in Cornwall that provide workshops and courses to support start up businesses.


This summer my husband Graig and myself enrolled on the Breakthrough for start-ups two day workshop which is fully funded support, designed to give new businesses one to one coaching on all aspects of running a business. We found this two day workshop so inspiring, informative and enjoyable. Each coach offered engaging content and huge amounts of support-quite overwhelming how much support is available and how much people want your business to thrive and be a sucess. After the initial two day workshop we were then offered further forward support in a weekly day workshop over three weeks covering marketing, finance,law, advertising etc.

During the time spent with breakthrough we met some other truly inspiring entrepreneurs with some fabulous business ideas, some still in the planning stages and some who had already launched and like us were finding ways of focusing on the next step on our business journey.


If you would like to see just a little of what Cornwall has to offer then please do have a look at these business links and get to know some of the amazing people behind these businesses, all doing what they are passionate about and their service may be just what you are looking for!

a taste of What Cornwall has to offer

Matt Hollands Design

Jake Kendall and Abi Hobbs

Natasha Scannell Sable Cloud Jewellery

Sam Pentin Writer

Hazel Murray Peppy Media htpps://

Joe Turnbull - Bull and Wolf Film Company

Sam Baynham- Dynamic Edge Innovation htpps://

Adam Kesacoff- The Aussie Smoker htpps://

Evony Lynch- with woman birth school

Liz Norbury- Cornish garden stories

Katy Griffin- Therasea

Rose Savidge- Wellbeing & Nutrition

Deborah Irvine - Textile Artist

Issy Carreira- Minha Clothing

I can honestly say this was the best business decision I made and would not hesitate to recommend unlocking potential for your business.