Reiki 1- Connecting to the physical body


Reiki 1- Self Growth - Connecting to the wisdom of the physical body.

How is your body responding to your environment?

Our body is in a continual state of communication indicating and highlighting to us our needs but in today’s society we have forgotten how to finely attune ourselves to these communications. We have become disconnected from our physical body and exist mainly in our heads. When we reside in our heads we become further away from the intelligence and wisdom of our hearts, our instinctual body and our all knowing spiritual self. All these aspects of ourselves combine to make up the ‘‘Whole’’ our complete selves, the whole being. When one aspect of ourselves is left out of the whole picture then we become out of balance and ill health begins to emerge.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is energy. The highest frequency of energy that exists within all of nature. It is the energy force that activates life. This energy exists within all living matter. It is the vibrancy and vitality of life that infuses all of nature, including all of humanity.

The plant kingdom naturally, instinctively and intuitively respond to the environment around them maintaining equillibrium.

Humans most often react to our surrounding environment and those we come into contact with due to our exixtence through the intelectual mind and ego.

Today’s fast paced living, increased use of technology and social media has taken us further away from our true selves where we can allow ourselves to just ‘‘BE’’. Where we can respond to life like a flower. Our inner and outer beauty emanates from us and radiates joy for all. The flower does not try and change it’s true self to fit others expectations. It does not try and be anything other than it truly is. It grows, blooms and dies and then the cycle of life begins again. Never the exact same again due to it’s ever changing environment but never the less it continues to grow, bloom and die just as it is, in all i’ts beauty.

How can Reiki help?

Reiki begins with an initiation, a simple process that attunes the receiver to a higher frequency of energy reconnecting us to source. This energy resides within us but often the way we have been raised and our personal life experiences can cause us to live with a low energy frequency or feel completely disconnected. “ Reiki” is a Japanese word meaning light energy. It is a traditional self healing practice that originates in Buddist traditons of the East and was re-discovered in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui who developed the Reiki practice for those who wanted to learn to heal themselves and support others to heal too. It is a practice that helps us to reconnect to ourselves, deepen our self awareness, cultivate presence and honour the life that resides within us and all of nature.

When we become attuned we naturally begin to slow down and become aware of ourselves on a deeper and more meaningful level. We begin to feel the difference within ourselves and experience a lighter and improved way of living. This process is individual and each experience is different and unique to each person and can be a wonderful life long journey of self growth which benefits the good of all. Bringing us back to wholeness.