Reiki 1 Self Growth- Connecting to our Physical Body

Reiki 1 Self Growth- Connecting to our Physical Body


Reiki 1 aligns us with our higher self and connects us with our physical body. Learning to be in our body fully. This level consists of a full day training either one to one or in a small group which includes practical and theory and a work manual to take home. Each level of Reiki is a self growth journey that requires a cultivation of self awareness, presence and comittment. Honouring who we are and where we are right now.

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Reiki aligns us to our higher self and our life purpose. When we embark on our Reiki journey it is a journey of self enquiry and deeper understanding of who we are and our purpose on this earth. We transform negative life patterns into new ways of living that serve us and allow us to reach our highest potential in life. Through this healing process we can grow , move forward , and evolve. Embracing and honouring who we are.

My Reiki Journey

My journey with Reiki began when I met my husband Graig who was already attuned on all levels and teaching at the time as well as offering Shiatsu. He offered me a Shiatsu treatment and at the same time I became aware of the stilness and connection within my body and mind and the connection between us. It is not something you can easily put into words, it is an experience that is felt with your whole being. That knowing within that there is something bigger than the self and the physical body that feels whole, connected and so peaceful. From that moment I was eager to learn more and so I began with my first attunement. That was eleven years ago. I worked my way through the levels when I felt naturally ready to move to the next stage of understanding and personal growth. Reiki has become a way of life, it is who I am, it is the energy force behind all of nature gently bringing us into alignment. Reiki has helped me to transform my life in so many wonderful ways that I am honoured to share these ancient teachings with others so you too can reach your highest potential.