Immune Boosting Loose Leaf Tea- By The Cornish Artisan


“Fortifying Tea has a lovely flavour and made me drink less black tea. I felt more relaxed and less tired and my skin seemed clearer whilst drinking it.”


Fortifying Tea is my chosen tea for this time of year and then throughout the year whenever there is a feel for a boost with general immunity, wellbeing and energy. Supporting naturally and in harmony with our holistic self.

Have you ever wondered why in late summer as the weather begins to take a definate autumnal feel that we too begin to change?

Well, human beings are natutally part of our planet. All living matter is made up of the exact same elements. Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Ether. Our Physical body corresponds to the earth element.Our Emotional body corresponds to the water element. Our intellectual body corresponds to the Air element. Our intuitive self corresponds to the fire element and our consciousness and imagination corresponds to the ether element.This is what constitutes as the WHOLE of us. The complete human being. So as the seasons change, so do we. This is the cycle of life. As we transist from one season to another we naturally go through a cleansing process. This is most commonly seen as the ‘Cold’ . In Western medicine illness is generally seen as something to fight off and get rid off.

But what if we begin to see our physical symptoms and illness as our body’s innate way of communicating that something on a deeper level is out of balance? or that we need to cleanse to remove the toxins that have accumulated over the past few months/years?

The common cold is a natural cleansing process. It produces symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, sinus congestion, thick head, headache, itchy eyes and throat, sore throat, bunged up feeling. We feel lethargic and tired. So what do we think our body is communicating? When we get a cold we naturally want to stop and rest but the way we have been conditioned to think has got us pushing on regardless and so this lack of self care and honouring what we need prolongs the process because we never give ourselves the chance to heal. A life time of this response to our self care needs creates a low immunity, lethargy and tiredness.

Our body’s hold innate wisdom and intelligence and are communicating messages to us continually. We need to gently support ourselves in times of change, transistory times like the changes in the seasons where we adapt to a different way of living to suit the season. Plants also change with the season but with total ease and no resistance. Plants have the ability to offer us support through these times in a harmonious natural way that will only fortify and strengthen our own healing mechanisms.

Fortifying Loose Leaf Tea

Fortifying Loose Leaf Tea

Herbal properties of Fortifying Tea

Fortifying Tea is packed full of amazing plants that can really support our natural immunity. It has a delicious fresh lemony zing and a beautiful vibrant yellow colour. Enjoyed three times a day this tea can holistically support wellbeing.

Elderflower has long been used for the treatment of colds and flu. It is ruled by the planet Venus. Culpepper descibed these herbs as cool and moist. Ideal for soothing and cooling heat conditions associated with the common cold and flu.

Peppermint is another energetically cooling and moistening herb which elevates the spirirts and is a source of potassium and magnesium.

Lemon Verbena has many health benefits helping to protect muscles, reducing inflammations, boosting immunity. Ruled by Mecury which is related to communication and relaying of information. Particularly beneficial for the nervous system, our system of communicaton.

Tumeric our sunshine super spice with numerous health benefits this spice is ruled by the sun and imparts the warmth, healing and energy of the sun. Our own center The Solar Plexus situated underneath our ribs in the centre this is the central location for nerves within the abdominal area. Physiologically and energetically this is where our fire resides, our activating energy, which is why this spice is so good for boosting energy and vitality. Adaptogenic.

Liquorice root an adaptogenic herb. Adaptogenic means herbs that can support the body by counteracting the damaging effects of stress.Helping to resume healthy balanced function.Again ruled by Mercury the messenger. A particular affinity with the adrenal glands which are activated and depleted during stressful periods.