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Top Tips for Summer Skin Care

We all know how great we feel when the sun comes out and shines down on us. Sunshine is a vital source boosting our immunity, helping alleviate depression and supporting healthy bone growth. Vitamin D is the all important Vitamin that helps to regulate all these functions within the body. Our body’s naturally produce Vitamin D when we are exposed to sunlight but can also be found in certain foods and supplements such as dairy, fish liver oils,oily fish, makerel, salmon, tuna, sardines & halibut,egg yolk, sprouted seeds, fortified soya milk and yogurt.

Getting out side and enjoying the summer sunshine is key to helping us feel good but it is also really important to make sure we don’t over do it and that we stay well hydrated and protected.

If you have dark skin or originate from a hot climate with a lot of sunshine then your skin will be producing higher levels of melanin which protects fron DNA damage and absorbs the correct amount of UV radiation needed by the body as well as protects against folate depletion. If you have fair hair and skin you have less melanin production and therefore less natural protection from the sun.

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Our Top Tips In The Sun

  • Spend time in the morning sun up to 11am when the sun is not so strong to build up natural protection using no suncream or lower factor depending on your skin type and how you react to the sun.

  • Use a natural sunscreen. Most well known sunscreen products are full of nasty chemicals that not only absorb into your blood stream and build up over time, can also irritate the skin and cause inflammations and effect our corals and marine life when we take a dip in the sea.

  • Our Favourite Natural Sunscreens




  • Apply your sunscreen an hour before going out and re-apply after swimming.

  • No more than half an hour to and hour lying in the sun depending on your skin type.

  • Seek shade when you need it and take a hat to shade your head.

  • Stay hydrated, always take a refillable plastic free water bottle with you and ask for refills in local shops and cafes.

  • Keep your skin well moisturised and soothed. Our Soothe Balm is the perfect summer time soother. After being exposed to the sun, soothe calm , heal and moisturise.

    Bathe in our Soothing Bath Tea, blended to help soothe ,calm and heal irritated and sensitive skins. Ideal after sun exposure. Can be enjoyed hot or cold or used directly on the skin, apply clean cotton cloth soaked in cooled soothing bath tea directly to the skin.

The sun provides many benefits for our health and wellbeing but without taking care of ourselves and listening to the needs of our body’s, over exposure can lead to severe sun burn, heat stroke and skin cancer. So do enjoy these beautiful sunny days, feel good and take care :-)