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Soothing, Calming and Relaxing Tea

Super Soothe herbal tea

Super Soothe herbal tea

We are very excited about our Super Soothe wellbeing Tea. This tea started it’s journey back in the spring of 20018 when we sent it to some of our lovely tea triallers who tested it for a week. We received some really positive feedback which confirmed this tea was a real winner and definately does what it says on the pouch ‘‘ To Calm and Relax’’.

How can herbal tea help me?

Super Soothe organic loose leaf herbal tea has been created to help restore the nervous system, to calm, relax and soothe. This delicious herbal tea has been handcrafted using a blend of organic lime blossom, lemon balm, chamomile and lavender flowers which are categorised as nervine herbs and traditionally used to treat stress, nervous tension, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and depression.

Why are Organic herbs better?

We only use herbs that are organic and certified organic by the soil association to ensure, quality, great taste and purity. Organic farming does not use chemical pestisides or fertilisers on their crops which is therefore better for our eco systems and wildlife and improves our own wellbeing by not consuming these chemicals. Maximum wellbeing benefits with minimum impact on our planet! Organic also ensures fair wages for farmers, growers and pickers, making your cuppa a conscious cuppa!

Lavender flowers one of the organic herbs used in super soothe tea

Lavender flowers one of the organic herbs used in super soothe tea

HOW to USE HERBAL TEAS TO alleviate stress

Press pause, create some space just for you, breathe deeply and slowly, put the kettle on, add Super Soothe Tea and enjoyyour very own tea ritual. Just like our Cornish tea ceremonies.

Drinking tea has long been an opportunity for people to get together, share their stories, off load their worries and connect. Let’s not allow the ritual of drinking tea together fade into the past - a cup of tea shared could make a big difference.

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The beautiful organic herbs and flowers of super soothe tea.

The beautiful organic herbs and flowers of super soothe tea.


The Cornish Artisan do as much as we can to reduce our impact on the planet. Little steps in the right direction make a big difference. Our tea pouches are biodegradable and refillable, so please do send us your pouches to be refilled, this will reduce waste and reduce the cost of your tea!

We also recommend you gain maximum use from your tea; they are all re-steepable and our herbs our still active and full of flavour. We recommend up to 3 steeps before your herbs are ready for the compost- your garden will love them too! To find out more about the philosophy behind our natural product range, please check out our philosophy page.