Natural daily skincare

Our skin is our largest sensory organ, so it makes sense to treat it with a kind and loving touch: massaging our skin gently with care and attention develops connection with our selves, it provides us with a sense of worthiness and self love, loving the skin we are in. As we feel our own skin through our fingertips we can feel our own energy and life pulsating, we become connected to ourselves.


How CAN massage improve my skin?


Massage increases the circulation and oxygen to the skin which has a natural anti-ageing effect; it relaxes the muscle tissue helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and increases collagen production which helps to promote that beautiful glow. Take 2-5 mins a day to massage your face if you don't already, and experience how you feel and the difference in the appearance of your skin. Why not incorporate facial massage into your bedtime routine for a more relaxed and peaceful night's sleep?



All our skin requires is simple and natural care, a daily routine that works in harmony with us. Apply products to your skin that are natural; after all, whatever we apply to our skin is then absorbed into our blood stream. We want to ensure that we are not creating disharmony within the natural function of our body with nasty and unnecessary ingredients. I believe it is far more preferable to apply products containing 100% natural ingredients that deliver healing properties not only to the surface layers of the skin but also benefit the physical functions of the body, balancing our emotions, state of mind, and supporting our spiritual self. That to me is simple effective skin care.




Follow my 4 easy steps!

Step 1) Warm a small amount of Nourish or Soothe Balm in your hands before gently massaging into your skin in circular motions for 2-5 mins, and massage carefully around the eye area.

Step 2) Apply a warmed cotton cloth to your face and cleanse away.

Step 3) Re-apply a small amount of Balm to protect, soothe, nourish and hydrate for the day.

Step 4) Splash face with cold water to seal in all the beautiful plant goodness and invigorate and prepare you for the day ahead.

Why not try Nourish or Soothe Balm to cleanse, nourish, protect and heal naturally? Follow my Balm Ritual for a new skin care experience.




Nourish Balm delivers a multifunction- Cleanse, moisturise and protect in one product, reducing the need for a range of different skin care products. With 1oo% natural plant ingredients Nourish and Soothe Balm offer natural effective skin care that is kind to you and our environment, no need for nasty synthetic ingredients. Enjoy our natural skin care products with confidence, knowing that we care about you and the planet we live on.



I love Nourish Balm, it is the only product to have worked on my very dry skin. Love the fragrance of my favourite essential oil. I put it on my skin before bed to work whilst I sleep. Thank you!
— Peta