Restorative Tea Mocktail

Herbal Teas are a versatile way of creating your own new favourite drink with the added bonus of delivering vitamins, minerals and volatile oils into your daily routine. Why not try our herbal teas as mocktails for a fun, delicious alternative to a cup of tea.

Restorative Mocktail Recipe

Add 2-3 tsps of Restorative Tea to a tea pot or cafetiere, add freshly boiled water (not boiling) and allow the tea to steep and cool completely. Grab your favourite glass, ice cubes, a wedge of lime and a sprig of fresh mint. Strain and pour Restorative Tea into your glass and enjoy!

Want to take your Restorative Mocktail to the beach on a hot sunny day? Why not make a large pot of restorative tea, allow to steep for 20 mins, transfer to a jug and place in the fridge to allow to cool until you are ready to hit the beach. Add some ice cubes to a flask along with your tea, some lime wedges and fresh mint, and feel perfectly hydrated and restored as you sip by the sea!

rebecca sims